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Start Date: May 19, 2024

We are 100% confident that with the right plan, knowledge, and coaches, a person can profit from a mobile home deal.  This is a NO EXCUSES program designed to get results.


Mobile Home Take Action Challenge

Over $5,500 in Value for a fraction of the cost.

  • 4 Weeks of Education and Action Steps designed to help students get results. LIVE calls via ZOOM [$3,000 Value]
  • 4 Weeks of Q&A and Coaching¬†Live via ZOOM [$2,000 Value]
  • BONUS:¬†All sessions are recorded [$500 Value]
  • BONUS:¬† Includes Christy's Mobile Home Investing Online On Demand Course¬†


Join Christy and her business partner Erica as they lay out how to profit with mobile and manufactured homes.  This is a 4 week program designed for participants to take action and see results!

  • Flipping manufactured homes
  • Private Lending on mobile home investments
  • Wholesaling mobile homes
  • Understanding mobile home paperwork
  • Must knows for buying mobile homes on land
  • Must knows for buying mobile homes in parks
  • How to find mobile home parks
  • Identify value-add opportunities¬†
  • Where to find deals and what to look for?
  • Avoid the most common (and expensive) mistakes
  • How to find the right mobile home park to work with
  • Paperwork, local laws, moving homes, regulations

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The demand for affordable housing is climbing.  Learn how to put your money to work as a lender or borrower...with mobile and manufactured homes!

Learn How To Capitalize on Mobile Home Opportunities!

World class coaches, Christy Duckett and Erica May walk through how to recognize money making opportunities with mobile homes. 

  • Private money lending on mobile home investments
  • Borrowing private money for mobile home investments
  • Flipping manufactured homes
  • Wholesaling mobile homes
  • Understanding mobile home paperwork
  • Must knows for buying mobile homes on land
  • Must knows for buying mobile homes in parks


4 Weeks Step By Step!

Each week consists of an educational session on Sunday's at 6PM EST and a follow up Q&A session on Thursdays at NOON EST. All sessions are recorded and available for unlimited playback.

Next Class Starts May 19th

  • ¬†May 19th¬†Live Training at 6-7:30PM
  • May 23rd¬†Live Q&A¬†Check-in NOON
  • May 26th¬†Live Training at 6-7:30PM¬†
  • May 30th¬†Q&A Check-in NOON
  • June 2nd¬†Live Training 6-7:30PM
  • June 6th¬†Q&A Check-in NOON
  • June 9th¬†Live Training 6-7:30PM
  • June 13th¬†Q&A Check-in NOON¬†

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  • 10+ Hours of Mobile Home Education and Case Studies

Have You Ever Thought That Mobile Homes Could Be a Great Investment? But Didn't Know How To Get Started?

I've personally helped hundreds of students one on one and spoken to thousands of people on how to get started investing in real estate.  What intrigues them more than anything is how I got started investing in mobile and manufactured homes.

I Was Told to Stay Away From Mobile Homes

Early on in my real estate career, I only invested in "regular" houses.  "Stay Away"! That's what people (who I had considered to be mentors of mine) told me.  Yet, something in my gut told me that there was an opportunity there.  Their intentions were good - I just didn't think they knew much about them.   Somebody was making money with them, why not me?

Never Been  Much of a Follower

Over a decade ago I moved to South Carolina.  As I planted my real estate investing roots in new territory, I kept coming across more and more mobile home leads!  It was time to take action!  I heeded my mentors advice, but then went for it anyways. The value of having a real estate education had paid off, but now I needed a mobile home education.

This is What I Learned

I began immersing myself in the mobile home world.  I met mobile home movers, dealers, park managers, investors, you name it - I was interviewing them.  I was fortunate enough to learn directly from mobile home legend Lonnie Scruggs and was invited into what I called this underground mobile home investors group.  At the time there wasn't a lot of information out there.  I hit the pavement and put in the work to figure this strategy out.  I learned that the mobile home world has a strategy for anyone.  If you want - I can share it with you. 

This is What I Can Teach You

If you are someone who wants to break into real estate investing using mobile homes - this course can help you.  If you are someone who wants to figure out what to do with mobile home leads that you may be getting in your real estate business - this course can help you.  This virtual workshop can be a foundation to a persons mobile home investing education.  

Register today and I'll see you in class!


- Coach Christy 

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Award Winning Coach

For over 10 years Christy Duckett has spoken to thousands of real estate investors throughout the United States and Canada.  She is an award winning coach who has mastered what it takes to balance the chaotic life of family and business. Christy is heavily sought after for her knowledge on rehabbing, passive income properties, and mobile home investing. 

2012 Fortune Builders Lead & Inspire Award Winner

2013 Fortune Builders Lead & Inspire Award Winner

2016 Fortune Builders Coach of the Year Winner

2017 Fortune Builders Most Students Coached Award Winner

2018 Fortune Builders "Crush it!" Award Winner


If you ever thought that mobile homes could be a good investment, you were on to something!  The time to learn this strategy is RIGHT NOW!