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I understand that there is Risk involved with any investment.  This business takes hard work.  There are no guarantees.  During this training Noah may share case studies and/or testimonials.  It's important to understand that just because Noah, Noah's associates, or one of Noah's borrowers, lenders, or students shares their experiences, that a person not expect the same or similar results.  RESULTS WILL VARY.  Numbers, figures, case studies, and examples are for educational purposes only.  Past results do not guarantee future results.

I understand that working with licensed business professionals is extremely important.  It is highly recommended to seek out licensed attorneys, contractors, real estate agents, insurance agents, accountants, and licensed financial/business advisors when dealing with real estate transactions.  

One goal for this course is to learn how to surround ourselves with licensed business professionals that can help us become a great at borrowing money.  We always provide the 4 critical documents mentioned in this course to our lenders. Funds should never be wired directly to a borrower from a lender.  Great borrowers always pay back their lenders.

It is also important to understand local and state laws in regards to usury laws and lending. 

Private Lending Virtual Workshop and Online Course Package

Learn how to borrow private money and get deals funded. During this Virtual Workshop Noah Harris breaks down A - Z on how to use private money to fund real estate deals. Plus, unlimited access to the Let's Get Funding Online Course!

What's included:

  • Virtual Workshop Ticket on November 12th 9:00AM - 3:00PM
  • "Let's Get Funding" Online / On Demand Course

What we will cover:

  • The absolute first step
  • Learn how to avoid the biggest mistake
  • Jumpstart our credibility
  • How to recognize opportunities
  • How to introduce the idea of lending to others
  • The best way to build long term relationships
  • The paradigm shift that gets results
  • How to gracefully let the numbers speak for themselves
  • Example loan terms and rates
  • How we stay professional
  • Awareness around regulations
  • The important difference between an equity and debt position
  • 4 Critical Documents we use when borrowing private money
  • Walk through of each document and what it looks like
  • Example timelines for a seamless transaction
  • Important numbers that lenders will want to know
  • The foundation to our elevator pitch
  • Developing a business model that helps keep lenders and borrowers safe
  • Simple ways to build interest
  • The best way to get people excited about the idea of lending
  • How to successfully set up a meeting with a potential lender

Getting Started:

  • Upon Enrollment you will receive instant access to the "Let's Get Funding" Online Course
  • Upon enrollment you will receive a welcome email with the webinar information for the November 12th Virtual Workshop