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What if we could...

Find an alternative to traditional lenders? Good news, there is an alternative and it's called private money!  Private money lending is a billion dollar industry.  Yet, not a lot of people understand how to go about it.  There's no "private money store" so people tend to deviate towards traditional banks or hard money lenders. 

Cut out the banks?

Traditional banks can be frustrating!  If your goal is to buy a fixer upper, a traditional bank will most likely turn down your deal.  Want to buy a rental property?  Then you will most likely have to bring a hefty down payment to the table and have your credit pulled.

Say "Thanks, but no thanks" to Hard Money?

Hard money lenders have their place in this business.  I've used them many times.  Yet dealing with them can be frustrating. Often times I'd be waiting on draw payments.  They might advertise one thing and we end up with another.  They too will require a hefty down payment and reserves. 

Stop using our own cash?

At some point an investor might say "The heck with it" and just start using their own cash.  Yet, if a persons cash is tied up in one deal it can limit their ability to take advantage of other opportunities.  What if there was a way to keep our cash on hand and not have to deal with an institution for funding? 

There's other ways to fund a real estate deal...

This is What I do (and other investors can too) !

We use Private Lenders. We borrow enough funds to cover the purchase price and the estimated repair costs.  All of our lenders are given documents (drawn up by attorneys) that help secure their loan.  Everything is in writing.  They're also listed on our insurance.  Just like a bank! Instead of working with institutions, we're building win-win relationships with family, friends, and other investors.  Now I'm teaching others on how to do the same.

 Let's Get Funding

Online / On Demand Course

  • Step-By-Step process for building credibilty with lenders
  • The must use documents that lenders love
  • How to communicate the opportunity
  • Case Study Lessons
  • and much more!
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"The best online course on how to effectively communicate the benefits of private money lending."

Let's Get Funding Course


This Course Helps With

  • Who To Talk To
  • What To Say
  • When To Use Private Money
  • Where The Lenders Are
  • Why Private Lending Helps
  • How Fund With Private Money
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How To Borrow Private Money and Get Deals Funded. 

In this course Noah Harris breaks down the 7 Steps to Building Credibility with Private Money Lenders. With a simple shift in mindset, smart practices, and effective communication,  raising private money can be a breeze. 

Jacob Remillard

Real Estate Investor

"I know I just posted it, but man seriously, thank you so much. Just posturing myself differently has opened up doors I didn't know where right in front of me the whole time."


On Demand Learning


It's Great for Beginners

Right away we are going to attack how to build credibility.  In this course you'll learn how to quickly build credibility in a way that can also increase an investors chances of a successful transaction.  Investors of all experience levels can benefit. 

Experienced Investors Can Benefit

The moment I made the jump to private money lending is when I truly began enjoying real estate.  I got tired of waiting on draws with hard money lenders.  I knew that I was an asset to the institutions. I was making interest payments to them!  At one point I just made the decision to pay that interest to a friend, family member, or investor friends that I met along the way.  I wanted to create win-win relationships.

Designed NOT to Overwhelm

I've broken this online course down into a step-by-step format. I'll help you lay down the foundation to gaining credibility and effectively communicating with potential private money lenders.  After each section I'll provide simple action steps to implement or practice. 

I Can Relate

As a busy person, time is my most valuable asset.  If you're looking for a course with hundreds of hours of video and audio then this is not the course for you.  But if you are looking for a course that can help someone get started with borrowing private money or give a person a better understanding of the opportunity with private money lending - then this is the course.  

Top 7 Things That We Will Learn

 What to do BEFORE we start

Whether you're experienced or brand new, take the time to iron this out.  

  • The absolute first step 
  • Learn how to avoid the biggest mistake 
  • Jumpstart our credibility

In this session we will learn who we want to surround ourselves with in order to increase our credibility and overall chances of success.

Where is private money? 

There's no "Private Money Store".  So where do we go?  In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize opportunities
  • How to introduce the idea of lending to others
  • The best way to build long term relationships

In this session you will begin to see money everywhere you look.  Eye opening!

Positioning our mindset for success

Let's take the win-win approach. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The paradigm shift that gets results
  • How to gracefully let the numbers speak for themselves
  • Example loan terms and rates

In this session you'll learn how to create a waiting list of people wanting to lend money for deals. 

What to avoid at all costs

I see mistakes like these made all the time on social media.  Let's stay safe.  In this session you will learn:

  • How we stay professional
  • Awareness around regulations
  • The important difference between an equity and debt position

Stay credible by following the rules.

How do we protect our lenders?

Learn how to use the same tools as the banks.  With private lending, loans are secured by real estate, the terms are in writing, plus the asset is insured.  In this course, you’ll learn:

  • 4 Critical Documents we use when borrowing private money
  • Walk through of each document and what it looks like
  • Example timelines for a seamless transaction

In this session we share real life case studies.

The #1 thing to figure out

What exactly is our business model.  And, how do we explain it to someone in less than 30 seconds? In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Important numbers that lenders will want to know
  • The foundation to our elevator pitch
  • Developing a business model that helps keep lenders and borrowers safe

An elevator pitch so good that even Mark Cuban or Mr. Wonderful couldn't resist (that's the goal).

Crafting our elevator pitch

A big part of raising private money is Effective Communication. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Simple ways to build interest
  • The best way to get people excited about the idea of lending
  • How to successfully set up a meeting with a potential lender

Learn exactly what Noah says when speaking with potential private money lenders.

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Presentation Template

"Plug and Play" images for Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slide presentations.  Create your own slides using Noah's Canva.com template.  Great for giving presentations to multiple people or to have for one-on-one explanations. 




Deal Analysis Cover Page Template

Noah's cover page template that he uses when sharing a lending opportunity.  Plug in your information on his canva.com template.  Present a one page, eye catching flyer or email as a PDF document. 

Jennifer P.

Long Island, NY

"Noah is it! Noah is always sharing his experience and knowledge with his network and genuinely wants everyone that puts the work in to succeed. Not only does Noah offer great courses and sessions, he also always follows up to make sure his students are taking action!"


I'm Noah Harris


The ability to create win-win relationships with private money lenders has been an absolute game changer in my real estate investing business.  Now I'm excited to share what I've learned with you. 

Early on in my career, I always felt as though I was at the mercy of the banks or a hard money lenders red tape.  Once I discovered the idea of using private lenders, real estate truly became enjoyable to me.  I found myself helping people by being able to pay them a great interest rate on their money.  The more I used private money lenders the more I realized that they needed me just as much as I needed them.  These loans were starting to become relationship driven. 

You're about to learn some really powerful techniques and communication strategies. With great power comes great responsibility. As you go through this course you will see how much emphasis I put on becoming a great borrower.  I have a 100% track record when it comes to paying back my private lenders.  Of all the things I've done in real estate, that is what I"m most proud of.  If your goal is be great at raising private money then the best advice that I can give, is to become a great borrower.  

As a lender, I'll also share with you insight on how to screen potential borrowers. What to ask for and what to look out for.  This course can help explain both sides to the coin.  Let's stay safe and create win-win experiences.