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We've created this website to help those who ask us, understand more about Private Money Lending with our company. This is a great resource to learn more about what we do.  Watch the video and then fill out the form below.



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Who can be a lender? Here are some examples...


Lender Example: Real Estate Agent

One of our favorite real estate agents is also one of our lenders.  She finds us deals and then funds them.  She makes commission on the purchase, funds the deal and makes 10% annualized interest while we renovate the property, and then makes a second commission when we sell the property.  She makes money 3 ways! 

This was a real estate agent who started out helping us find deals and then got the listing on the back end.  She saw first hand on our HUD statements how much we were paying our lenders.  It didn't take long for her to want to become one of our lenders and make money with her money.  Smart!

Lender Example: Using Retirement Funds

Many of our lenders use self directed retirement plans to become a private money lender.  An example would be using their Self Directed IRA.  Some people don't start with an IRA they have an old 401k (or multiple old 401k's) from a previous employer.  With the help of a licensed professional people are able to take their old "Forgotten" 401k plans and roll them over into a Self Directed IRA. Companies estimate that there's roughly 1.25 Trillion in "Forgotten" 401k plans. Roughly 2.8 million plans are left behind every year.  If you are one of these people, great news, we can refer you to a Certified Self-Directed IRA Professional that specializes in self directed IRAs that can help you get set up.

Lender Example: Someone who just wants to make money with their money

We've helped school teachers, busy professionals, retired veterans, musicians, other real estate investors, the list goes on and on.  Anyone can be a private lender. Look at the current economic environment.  Inflation is at an all time high.  Money in a savings account earning 1% is losing to inflation that last year came in above 8%.  Plus, unlike the stock market, private lending is secured by real estate.   When working with a team like ours, lenders get to pick the deals that they want to fund.  The lender is in complete control of their money.  We love presenting win-win opportunities to anyone with a desire to do better.

How does private lending work?


Private money lending is a billion dollar industry.  Yet, not a lot of people have heard about it. Why is that?  Well, banks don't want you to do what they do!  Banks and financial advisors like to control our money; not the other way around.  Private money lending allows a person to take control of their financial future. 

When someone becomes a private money lender with Revive Homes LLC not only are they making great interest on their loan but the loan is also secured by collateral (real estate).  That collateral is  worth a lot more than a persons loan amount. 

The loan is secured because we provide our lenders with a Mortgage or Deed of Trust (just like a bank would want).  We also provide them with a Promissory Note that outlines the terms of the loan and we provide a personal guarantee.  Plus, we list our lenders on the insurance as the loss payee (just like a bank would want).  


1.  Mortgage or Deed of Trust (depending on the state)

2. Promissory Note

3. Personal Guarantee

4. Lender is listed on the insurance as the loss payee


The mortgage and promissory notes are drawn up by our legal team.  Real estate closings in South Carolina are done with an Attorney.  All of our lenders have the ability to review their mortgage and note prior to wiring funds.  All funds are wired to the closing attorney.  At no point will Revive Homes LLC or it's managers ask for funds to be directly wired to the company.

What rates do you pay?

We pay anywhere from an 8-12% Annualized rate of return for shorter term loans.  Each opportunity is different.  We love to help our lenders reach double digits.

Next Steps?

Fill out the form above and we will contact you directly to see if it's a good fit. 

Private lending is relationship based.  What keeps most people from jumping into private lending is not knowing who to lend their money too.  We feel as though our team at Revive Homes can provide future lenders with consistent opportunities, a perfect track record, and a great lending experience.

What to Expect as a Lender to Revive Homes


  • Our goal is to provide all of our lenders with a great experience.


  • We sit down with you in person, virtually, or over the phone and outline how private lending works.¬† We will cover how we keep our lenders safe, share with you our specific buying criteria and answer any questions you may have.¬†


  • If we have a lending opportunity available right away, we will present that opportunity during our initial discussion.¬† If we don‚Äôt have an opportunity right away for you to lend on we will set up a follow up system.


  • Once a there is mutual desire to move forward on a project we will iron out the interest rates, terms of the loan, and how you‚Äôd like to receive your interest payments.


  • Our company will introduce you to our real estate attorney who will draft the mortgage or deed of trust, promissory note, and personal guarantee.¬† Our team will contact our insurance agent to also make sure that you are listed on the insurance.¬†


  • You will have time to review all drafted documents.


  • All funds are wired to the real estate attorney or title company who is handling the real estate closing.¬† After the closing your mortgage will be recorded by the attorney and you will receive the original signed copy of the promissory note in the mail.


  • Our team keeps you updated on the progress of the project.


  • Once the house you funded is under contract to be sold or refinanced we will notify you.¬† We will help you calculate the payoff and guide you through the logistics of communicating with the new closing attorney on how you would like to receive your payoff.


  • Once funds are wired back to the lender, we can start the process of doing it all over again.¬† Our goal is to have a persons money working for them as much as possible.

Meet The Team

Christy Duckett-Harris

Christy Duckett-Harris is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to investing and project management. Christy works directly with Revive Homes contractors and trades people. She's a fantastic at acquisitions and is a big part of why we are able to find great deals for our lenders. 

Christy holds a Psychology degree from Radford University.  Her love for helping people is what drew her to real estate.

With over 17 years of real estate investing experience, Christy is heavily sought after for her knowledge on project management, fix and flip properties, creating cash flow through real estate, and even investing in manufactured homes.   She's an award winning real estate coach who has mastered what it takes to balance the chaotic life of family and business.  

Noah Harris

Noah Harris is a real estate investor and coach who lives right here in Columbia, SC.  He's worked with some of the brightest real estate minds in the country and spoken on stages all across the U.S. and Canada on the topics of real estate investing and building wealth. 

Noah is responsible for walking people through the private lending process for Revive Homes LLC.  He places a high value on providing an excellent lender experience.

Are you ready to bypass the banks, say "thanks but no thanks" to hard money lenders and stop using your own cash to fund real estate deals?  Noah Harris specializes in helping people harness the power of Private Money Lending.  Noah graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Finance and has worked with some of the smartest real estate minds in the Country.  Noah believes that anyone can become great at presenting opportunities or borrowing and lending money.  It's simply a matter of knowing what to say, how to say it, proper documents, and the ability to always follow through. 

Looking to borrow Private Money?

We get asked all the time about how to borrow private money.  We believe that anyone looking to borrow private funds wants and needs 2 things: Community and Coaching.

A great resource for anyone looking to borrow private money or learn more about how to borrow private money is the PRIVATE MONEY CLUB.

We've found the Private Money Club to be very beneficial.  Noah and Christy have worked directly with the Private Money Club as coaches and teach classes for Private Money Club students.  Full disclosure; Noah and Christy are affiliates of The Private Money Club and for those who click the link below and Join the PMC Noah and Christy receive an affiliate fee for sending them business.

We believe that the Founder Chris Naugle is a remarkable businessman and industry leader when it comes to providing excellent financial education.  Check out Chris and the Private Money Club by clicking the link below.

Join the Private Money Club


  • This information is not to be interpreted as financial or legal advice.
  • Always seek out legal counsel in regards to drafting legal documents such as a promissory note and mortgage/deed of trust
  • Understanding WHO you are lending to and WHAT you are lending money for is critical
  • Never wire funds directly to a borrower.¬† Funds should always be wired to a closing attorney or title company
  • Always ask to review the HUD or Closing Statements
  • Inspect what you expect.¬† Borrowers should always provide lenders with a market analysis or appraisal done by a professional real estate agent or appraiser.¬†
  • Never lend money on a real estate deal without collateral.¬† Getting mortgage or deed of trust is an absolute must.¬† That's what makes private lending great..the collateral.¬†
  • Not every borrower is created equally.¬† Lending money to Revive Homes LLC could be a great opportunity.¬† Taking this information and lending it to someone else (not Revive Homes) without proper due diligence is probably a bad idea. With every loan comes risk.¬† We feel that at Revive Homes we've implemented systems and checklists to help reduce that risk. Not every borrower is created equally.¬† Don't lend money you're not willing to loose.¬†