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reup Apr 09, 2022


It's not a conference.  Summit, symposium, seminar, they all sounds the same and none of those labels seem to fit the bill.  

The REUP is different.  

Ask any of The REUP participants and they will tell you the same.  The REUP is just that, it's  "The REUP".  Like Coke is to soda or Xerox is to making a copy, The REUP is becoming synonymous with learning, networking, and growing with high level, down to Earth people. 

It's awesome to see and even cooler to be a part of. 

For two days, experienced investors join expert panels or speak on various real estate, wealth building, and person growth topics.  Whether a person's goals are to add an extra stream of income or flip 100 houses, The REUP helps put people in a position to succeed.  The best part is, everyone is clapping for one another.  

The goal of The REUP is to help one another get what they need.  Does someone need to "REUP" their motivation?  Resources?  Connections?  Knowledge?  Strategies?  Help one another, leave rejuvenated (whatever that looks like to the individual).  That's the goal.  

With The REUP Summer 2022 Dates and Panelist just announced these 2 Days are going to be the best yet!  Here are upcoming panelist and topics that will be shared on July 23rd and 24th

  • Understanding The Probate Process and Proper Estate Planning with Former Associate Probate Judge, Attorney and CPA Angela M. KIrby
  • Lead Generation for Investors with Real Estate Investor Corey Griffin
  • Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents with Jacob Barnhill
  • Fix and Flip Renovations Panel featuring: Christy Duckett, JoAnna Anderson, Michael Pugliese and Galo Naranjo
  • Becoming Your Own Bank with Stephen Nagy
  • Property Management Panel with AirBNB Property Manager David Bergmann, Jesse Grote, and Erica May
  • Investing in Mobile and Manufactured Homes with Christy Duckett-Harris
  • Raising Private Money Funds with Noah Harris
  • and more...

See the Full Speaker Lineup Here

Having fun and networking with like minded individuals is a big part of The REUP.  Being that this is the "SUMMER REUP", nothing says summertime more than baseball, bbq, and fireworks.  This Summer's REUP has a special opportunity for VIP Ticket holders to network with one another.  Join other VIPs and REUP Instructors for a night at Segra Park, home of the Columbia Fireflies baseball team.  During Saturday night's networking social a "Human Cannonball" is being launched from the ball field.  A fireworks show follows the game.  Both events seem out of the norm for a baseball game, yet perfect for an experience that doesn't seem to fit "the norm".  The REUP is different. 

Learn More Here

Having time to reflect on the last SPRING REUP, there's one thing in particular that made it special.  The people.  Spending 2 days with like minded individuals all learning, networking, and growing together can be a powerful experience.  The REUP is kept small so that the attendees can get to know one another and build meaningful relationships.  That idea has continued to hold true.  

As the saying goes, rising tides raise all ships.  The vibe here is different.  It's not a conference.  It's certainly not a seminar.  It's The REUP.  


Hope to see you there, 

Noah Harris

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