Looking for your next real estate deal?

One of the biggest questions we get asked is "How do you find your deals?" This isn't a one stop shop answer.  We have systems and set in place marketing strategies.  Yet, anyone could also have those same strategies too!

Don't know where to start?

Without a proper plan or strategy it's easy to not know where to begin.  Having a coach guide you on where to start (and which direction to head) is critical!  Why does it seem like some investors make it look so easy?

Need to get back on track?

It's easy to fall off track. Real estate investing is a game of momentum.  When we have the momentum we feel unstoppable.  When life gets in the way it's easy to loose steam.  Creating deal flow can change all that!

Want help creating real estate deal flow?

What if we had multiple opportunities to choose from?  What if we didn't rely  on just ONE way of doing things?  What if we flipped the script and had sellers begging us to buy their house?  Is this something you're interested in? 


We can help! Learn how we do it!

We've put together an amazing team of real estate investors.  Each of whom specialize in their own marketing niches.  We dove in for 6 straight weeks and helped others get those same systems set up!  Follow along with this course and let's get the deals flowing!!!


Real Estate Marketing Course

It's time to hit the ground marketing!

  • Learn with our team
  • Step-by-step strategies
  • 6 Training Modules 
  • 11 Recorded Webinar Sessions
  • Marketing Resources
  • Online and On Demand
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"Let's find some real estate deals!"

Course Outline

Meet The Team

Christy Duckett

Christy Duckett-Harris is a real estate investor from South Carolina. Christy is heavily sought after for her knowledge on rehabbing, short term rentals, passive income, even mobile homes. She's an Award Winner and Coach. Christy has a true passion for real estate and helping others achieve their goals. This supermom has mastered what it takes to balance family life and take her real estate business to the next level.

Corey Griffin

Corey Griffin began his real estate investing journey in San Fransisco, CA.  He now resides in his hometown of Savannah, GA where he "Virtually" wholesales in different markets throughout the United States.  Corey loves teaching others how they can do the same! 

JoAnna Anderson

JoAnna Anderson is real estate investor, licensed real estate agent in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. JoAnna is former biology teacher turned investor who now gives back by teaching others how to invest in real estate.



Whether you're experienced or brand new, take the time to iron this out.  

  • Goal Setting 
  • Time Blocking 
  • Setting up Marketing Foundation
  • Help establishing schedule and game plan
  • Branding Tips and Resources
  • Automating social media

Module 1 is lead by JoAnna Anderson and the whole team joins in to help you build your marketing foundation.  



Christy Duckett shares 10+ "Shoestring Budget" marketing strategies that ANYONE can implement:

  • Sharing 10+ Low cost marketing strategies
  • Setting up Systems for your strategies
  • Outsourcing
  • Implementing
  • List Building
  • Analyzing Deals and Markets




Corey Griffin shares how to set up shop "Virtually" in any real estate market (including your own):

  • Ringless voicemail
  • Text Messages
  • Phone Scripts
  • Questions to ask when speaking with a lead
  • Skip tracing leads

This is a truly scalable marketing plan that will allow an investor to go big (if that's what they want)



The team shares how they attack the MLS:

  • How to make hundreds of offers simultaneously
  • Relationships with Agents
  • Obtaining Proof of Funds letters
  • Creating Systems and Schedules

Learn the power of having dozens of agents looking for deals, for YOU! 



Learn how to use the same tools as Christy, JoAnna, and Corey.    In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Our favorite tools and how to use them
  • How to track and analyze KPI's
  • Direct Mail

In this session we share real life case studies.



Experience the power of coaching:

  • Getting ready for launch!
  • Setting up an accountability plan
  • Qualifying leads
  • Tracking and Reassessing

Jump-Off Marketing Challenge

6 Week Program

  • Learn with our team
  • Step by step strategies
  • Case study lessons
  • Resources
  • Instant Access
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Make The Jump.

Hit The Ground Marketing.

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It's Great for Beginners

Right away we are going to attack how to build our marketing foundation.  In this course you'll learn how to quickly build credibility in a way that can also increase an investors chances of a successful transaction.  Investors of all experience levels can benefit. 

Experienced Investors Can Benefit

Whether a persons goal is to do one more deal or 100 more deals, this course is for you.  What we teach is scalable.  Take the reign's yourself or pass the torch to an employee.  Want to scale up?  Just crank it up! 

Designed NOT to Overwhelm

We've broken down this 6 week program into 12  sessions.  Each week we will have an educational session and an implementation session that is designed to help you take action.  Enrollment is kept small so that all of your questions get answered.  This course has an intimate feel and lots of opportunities for that one-on-one feel.

We Can Relate

Each of our team members has a unique story.  Whether you're looking for your next chapter in life, trying to balance being a parent and a real estate investor, or simply looking for time freedom, we can relate!  In business and in life it's nice to have support. 


What are other people saying?

This course is designed to build confidence.  Students leave with an abundance of ideas on how to find their next real estate investment opportunity. 


"Thank you so much!"

"This is the dream team! Christy, JoAnna and Corey put together a concise and effect program to help our group in most aspects of RE investing. The time together and apart was used efficiently and wisely holding participants accountable weekly. It was apparent how much time and love they put into each lesson, call and follow-up! Thank you so much!"

"Phenomenal program"

"Christy, JoAnna, and Corey have put together a phenomenal program! Whether you are just starting or feel like you're stuck on what's next, they break everything down into manageable steps and goals to get you going. All three coaches provide so much value and real life experience. After taking the course I feel like I have the needed tools, experience, and direction to push my investing forward. I can't thank them enough for all the knowledge and insight they have shared!."

"Gave me the confidence I needed"

"The jump off coaching program gave me the confidence I needed to continue to move forward and take action in my real estate career. It helped me with goal setting and action planning and marketing, all kinds of marketing to be able to do what would work for me."

Downloads and Resources

Must Have


Download scripts, question checklists and more!

  • JoAnna’s Website Resources List 
  • Corey's Property Acquisition Script 
  • Scripts for Emailing and Calling Listing Agents 
  • JoAnna’s Module 3 Resources List 
  • Offer Call Script 
  • Audio Recording of an Inbound Process Call 
  • List Providers Spreadsheet 
  • Lists of all Scripts for Phone Calls 
  • Cold Calling Script 
  • Cash Buyers Script 
  • Acquisitions Call
  • Recording From An Inbound Lead Example 
  • Wholesale Buyer Sample Email 
  • Example Purchase and Sale Agreement 
  • Property Condition Questionnaire


  • Corey’s Offer Call Script   
  • Goals Quarterly Assessment Sheet 
  • Local Intern Internet and Social Media Ad
  •  Foundational Marketing Resources Doc 
  •  Sample Internet / Social Media Ad
  •  Example Assignment of Purchase and Sale Agreement



Frequently Asked Questions